2 ways to become an XSaver

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2 ways to become an XSaver Empty 2 ways to become an XSaver

Post by AaroN on 2011-10-07, 07:52

They come either from Digimon communities or Digimon Masters itself.

Tamers coming from the web should:
And finally, Apply.

This is a recruitment period so there are no requirements and Applications would be approved very quickly. Upon acceptance, Tamers would now become XSavers.

Tamers coming from the game should:

As recruitment is also on-going in the game, Tamers may first be known of the guild before this website. Therefore, Introduction would be required before becoming an XSaver.

An XSaver is different from any ordinary Tamer because he is injected with an X-Antibody, making him both a stronger Tamer and Saver of the Digital World. He now gains access on this forums to exclusive contents such as, but not limited to: guides, tricks and glitches.

Fear not, take the X-Antibody and become a stronger Saver!

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